Omaha's Holistic Tutoring Service

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"If you think that education is expensive, try ignorance."

                                                                                                                                            -Derek Bok

              Session Rates

                           Private Tutoring
                  Available Monday - Sunday, 10 AM to 10 PM
Sessions/Week     Rate/Session     Family Discount Rate 

*Drop-In                      $40.00                          None

 One                              35.00                         $32.00

 Two or more                30.00                          27.00


* 24 Hour Notice is required for drop-in sessions

Home visits are available on request for an additional fee of $15.00 per visit. 

                             FAMILY DISCOUNTS

Families who have one or more students actively enrolled in tutoring programs are eligible for a family discount on tuition fees.  The discount is applied to the tuition fees for each  member of the family who is enrolled.

                         PAYMENT POLICY

Tuition fees for private tutoring and/or pre-school are due in advance or on the day that the service is delivered.  Payment may be made by cash or check.  Cash payments are accepted from adult students or parents only.  Unused tuition payments are non-refundable and may be credited towards future services.  Unpaid tuition fees may result in suspension of service and forfeiture of reserved time slots until arrangements have been made for payment of the outstanding balance.

                               COURTESY FEES

A courtesy fee of $15.00 may be charged to the student's account if the student is absent from a scheduled session without giving reasonable notification to the tutor.  Except in cases of sudden illness or accidents, reasonable notification shall mean 24 hours prior to the time of the scheduled appointment.  If a student is absent from a scheduled session without any notification to the tutor, the full  tuition fee may be charged to the student's account.




Tuition rates and time slots are guaranteed based on student attendance and may be subject to amendment or forfeiture if student absenteeism meets or exceeds 50% of the scheduled appointments in any 30-day period.  Prior to schedule modification, a consultation will be held to evaluate the needs of the student and a program recommendation made at that time.  A student whose attendance rate falls below 50% may be transferred to the Drop-in Program unless arrangements are made to insure the student's attendance.  

                             RATE GUARANTEES

Tuition rates are guaranteed not to increase during the enrollment of a student and will be unaffected by any change in the rate structure unless discounts that result in a decrease in tuition are offered.  


There are no contracts.  Avalon Learning Center is honored to provide your family with tutoring service as long as you feel that it meets your needs.  Should you choose to discontinue a program, you may do so at any time by giving notification to the director.  To avoid "no show" fees, advance notice prior to withdrawal is required.

                               MAKE-UP SESSIONS

Students who have missed a regularly scheduled tutoring session and wish to make it up may do so by making arrangements with their tutor.  Make-up sessions are scheduled according to the availability of both the tutor and the student and are not subject to additional fees.