Omaha's Holistic Tutoring Service

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                             CURRENT JOB OPENINGS

Avalon Learning Center is currently accepting applications for adjunct tutoring positions in all subjects.  If you are certified for classroom teaching and are familiar with holistic teaching methods (or are willing to learn), please submit your resume to: Mary@AvalonLearningCenter.com

You will receive a confirmation email that your resume is on file, and following a review of your information, you will be notified of your application status.

                 Thank you for your interest in working with us at Avalon Learning Center. 
                                             We look forward to hearing from you!

                                   Mary  Tisthammer

                            And now for some fun facts!

                   DID YOU KNOW ?

The Chinese character for "thunder" is pronounced "ping".

There are no photographs of Abraham Lincoln smiling.

One hundred per cent humidity is fog, not rain.

Fish kept in a bucket can get seasick on a rolling ship.

At least ten million people are having a birthday today.

The elephant is the only animal that cannot jump.

At certain times of the year, it is possible to hear corn grow.

A hen's egg is a simple cell.

The tip of a bullwhip moves so fast that it breaks the sound-barrier.  The "crack" is a small sonic boom.

Mozart wrote "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" at the age of five.

There is no word for "future" in Japanese.

For more amazing facts and trivia, click here:

                    KIDS SAY (and DO)

"Whoever invented subtraction is stupid.  It makes no sense.  I mean...  What were they thinking? 
I think learning is way over-rated."

                                           - Abbey, Grade School

"Is that teakettle the kind that yells at you?"

                                             - Mark, Grade School

"My cat Shorts is in big trouble.  He's been using the phone and the other day he called me at school.  He is not allowed anywhere near the phone now!"

                                                -Tyler, Grade School

"My mom won't let me date until I'm married."

                                                  - Nick, High School


"If a word were misspelled in the dictionary, how would we know?"

"What's another word for thesaurus?"

"If you are traveling in a spaceship that is traveling the speed of light and you turn on the headlights, does anything happen?"

"OK, what is the speed of dark?"

"If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?"

"How do you tell if you're out of invisible ink?"

"What are imitation rhinestones?"

                                              -Steven Wright, Ageless