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"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

                                                                                                     ~William Butler Yeats

Avalon Learning Center
358 North 41st Street     Omaha, Nebraska  68131
Located in the Joslyn Castle Neighborhood

(402) 553-4003
Accredited Member of  the Nebraska Better Business Bureau -
A+ Rating

Tutoring Services for Every Student's Needs

        Among the ranks of Omaha tutoring services, Avalon Learning Center is rated as one of the best.




       Among the ranks of Omaha tutors, Avalon tutors are in a class all their own.  Trained and state
       certified as classroom teachers, our tutors are also skilled in the highly effective method of
       holistic tutoring which addresses the full spectrum of the learning experience as well
       as individual learning styles. 

      Whether your search for  local Omaha tutoring includes math tutors,  reading tutors or  simply
       a tutor who can assist you with improvement in overall class performance
, give us a call.  We can
      help. We offer comprehensive tutoring in all the core subjects... Plus tutoring in music and basic
      study skills.  Providing students with academic tutoring that honors their undefeatable spirit and
      guides them to success is what we do.  It's all we do.  We can do it for you. 

     Math Tutoring                              Reading Tutoring                                   Language Arts Tutoring     

              Basic Math                                                     Phonics/Decoding                                                       Grammar/Punctuation
 Pre-Algebra/ Algebra                                     Sight Words                                                                 Composition/Writing                             
             Geometry                                                       Comprehension                                                           Vocabulary/Spelling        

        Science Tutoring                        Study Skills Tutoring                             Music Tutoring                    
             Physical Science                                             Organizational Skills                                                    Elementary Piano
             Life Science                                                     Test Preparation/Research                                         Music Theory
             Earth Science                                                  Time Management                                                       Elementary Percussion  

         Social Studies Tutoring              History Tutoring                                     Literature Tutoring     
              Human/Physical Geography                            American History                                                         Essays
              National/International Economics                    World History                                                               Poetry
              Regional/World Government                            Ancient History                                                            Fiction/Non-Fiction

                                   Tutoring Programs for All Ages

      Our tutoring programs are specifically designed to be age- appropriate and are individually tailored to
      meet the personal challenges and needs of the student.  The programs are administered by classroom
      certified tutors who have strong mentoring skills and are knowledgeable in holistic tutoring methods. 

   Academics for Adults Program        Small Wonders Program
         Whiz Kids Program   
Tutoring for the Mature Student                                         Tutoring Just for Preschoolers                            Tutoring for Grades K-12
   Ages 18+
                                                                                     Ages 3 to 5                                                                      Ages 5 - 18                                                 
    Designed for GED and  college level students                Addresses all of the key skills that are                Incorporates learning games and
    Flex  scheduling available                                                      necessary for starting school                                  multi-sensory techniques

It's been said that education is the key to success...

Getting that education, however, is not always easy. 
In fact, sometimes the "road to success" can seem like a discouraging path of endless bumps and detours that one is navigating solo.   At Avalon Learning Center, our tutors are prepared to do everything they can to help make that road a little smoother for you.   At your request, we will be there for you as long as you need us.  It is not a journey that you must make alone. 

We believe that teaching is a calling and are willing to go that extra mile to help students succeed.  If you need a tutor who will meet with classroom teachers, we will do that.  If you would like a tutor who will attend school conferences, we will do that, too.  And if you or your child need help with homework at 10:30 PM or have a question, give us a call.

We are not a franchise.  We do not answer to stockholders or follow the dictates of a profit and loss agenda.  We answer to you, and follow the dictate that  "All children- not just a priviliged few- deserve the chance to succeed."

At Avalon Learning Center, there are no contracts.  There never have been.  We practice the honor system, and the fees for our tutoring service continue to be among the lowest in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area.  In the last twenty years, our rates have increased by just five dollars.

Our methods are holistic.  Our origins are strictly local.  We are Omaha's grassroots learning center.  Established in 1996 by Omaha tutors whose priority is a brighter future for all children, our vision  has never changed.  It never will. 

            Helping Students One at a Time Since 1996:
Avalon Learning Center is under the directorship of Mary Tisthammer who holds a degree in education and is an experienced classroom teacher.   Mary graduated the University of Nebraska as a Regents Scholar and is a member in good standing of the Golden Key National Honor Society.  She has served as a guest instructor at Creighton University where she was invited to teach the tutoring methods that are employed by Avalon Learning Center and has authored numerous tutoring programs that are founded on the principles of holistic teaching.  Mary has traveled to Europe, Egypt and the Arctic where she collected data for the "Wonders of the World"  enrichment class and has an extensive professional background that also includes music, journalism and law.   Her teaching experience as a state certified teacher encompasses four years in the public school sector and twenty years in private tutoring.
To Contact Mary Call: (402) 553-4003    Or Email: Mary@AvalonLearningCenter.com 
Photo of Mary and Student Courtesy of Dr. Bob Bosco, Creighton University Fine Arts Department


                     Quick Facts

  • One-on-one Tutoring all Subjects
  • Math Tutoring (Basics Through Algebra and Geometry)
  • Reading Tutoring (Phonics Based)
  • All Tutors, Including Math Tutors and Reading Tutors, are State Certified Teachers
  • Individualized Tutoring Programs
  • Grades Pre-K to Adult
  • GED and Home-schooling Assistance
  • University of Nebraska High School Program http://highschool.nebraska.edu/
  • Formal Test Preparation
  • College Prep for Adults
  • Home-style Friendly Classrooms
  • Complimentary Beverages and Snacks
  • No Contracts
  • No Enrollment Fees
  • No Testing Fees
  • Family Discounts
  • Home Visits Available 
  • Open Door Policy
  • Free Consultations
  • Year-round Programs














                      Brand New! 
   Tutoring Tips and Articles on Learning

Parents who wish to learn more about ways in which they can assist their children with
homework and academic related issues will find valuable help on "Tutoring Tips".  Parents may also wish to learn tutoring techniques by observing a session first hand or by attending one of the workshops that are sponored periodically by Avalon Learning Center.  There is no charge to attend the workshops or to audit a tutoring session.

"Articles on Learning" provide valuable information and insights into the learning process as well as ways to optimize your tutoring experience.  You will also find resource links that will enhance your understanding of the topic.

The latest article to be included on this page is "Want to Get Better at Math?  Play the Piano." which takes a look at how music influences math skills.